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Actionscript 2.0 Flash Implementation

Now that is a very easy way to drop information from your flash shopping cart into a nice looking table. However, it does come with a mighty overhead (about 40KB). We will now look at making our own output for our shopping cart.

First create an empty movie clip by pressing Ctrl-F8. Name the movie clip empty_mc, and check export for actionscript. Close this clip.

Next create another movie clip and name this one display_mc and also check export for actionscript.On this clip create 4 dynamic text boxes and give them instance names of desc, quantity, price, and total. Also create a button and name it update_btn.

We will create a new display_mc for every item in our cart. Return to the main stage and change the code to look like this:

import com.ahfx.Product;
import com.ahfx.Shopping;
var myProduct = new Product();
myProduct.setDesc("Teddy Bear");
var myOtherProduct = new Product();
myOtherProduct.setDesc("Cool Sunglasses");
var shop_cart = new Shopping();
function displayCart(){
//Create main movie clip to hold shopping cart output
   empty_mc = attachMovie("empty_mc","empty_mc2",150);
//Create movie clip to hold shopping cart output headings
   temp_mc = empty_mc.attachMovie("display_mc","headings_mc",1001);
   temp_mc.total.text = "Total";
   temp_mc.desc.text = "Description";
   temp_mc.quantity.text = "Quantity";
   temp_mc.price.text = "Price";
   temp_mc.update_btn._visible = false;
   delete temp_mc;
//Loop through items in shopping cart
      var newProd:Product = shop_cart.getElement(i);
//Attach display for each item in shopping cart
      temp_mc = empty_mc.attachMovie("display_mc","display_mc"+i,i+100);
//Shift dispay downward 16 pixels
      temp_mc._y = (i + 1) * 16;
//Place values from product in shopping cart in the text fields
//Position holder of product in shopping cart
      temp_mc.pos = i;
//button action to update quantities
      temp_mc.update_btn.onPress = function() {
         var tempProduct:Product = shop_cart.getElement(this._parent.pos);
         if (this._parent.quantity.text == "0"){
         else {
   delete newProd;
//Create movie clip to hold shopping cart Grand Total output
   temp_mc = empty_mc.attachMovie("display_mc","total_mc",1000);
   temp_mc._y = (shop_cart.size() +1) * 16;
   temp_mc.total.text = shop_cart.getTotal();
   temp_mc.desc.text = "Grand Total";
   delete temp_mc;

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